Winter Tours

The Icelandic winter weather makes it necessary to be flexible and ready for anything. The following tours operate throughout winter but are in many ways run differently in winter than during other seasons:

Golden Circle – In winter we recommend a stop at a geothermal pool at the end of the day. Frozen hair while soaking in the steaming waters is a novel sensation.

South Shore – Due to weather and icy roads, it’s a good idea to have a plan B for this one. We always have a plan B… and C.

Northern Lights – This tour operates based on weather and Aurora activity.

West Iceland – This tour is very flexible. Farm visits, a stroll down a lava tube, frozen waterfalls.

Reykjanes Peninsula – This tour will vary based on road conditions. You never know what the winter day will bring.

Blue Lagoon – Always warm, always cozy, 365 days a year.